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Finally! A solution to poured concrete, stamped concrete, and asphalt - the concrete paver. This product is ideal for all outdoor settings from driveways and walkways to patios and pool decks. Because pavers are set in sand and are able to shift with earth movement and climate changes, the cracking usually associated with other surfaces is eliminated. The concrete pavers we use are manufactured in local plants and every order is custom made. They are made from cement and fine aggregates and are made to accommodate heavy loads and daily wear and tear from vehicular and foot traffic. Concrete pavers come in a wide range of colors and shades, as well as a variety of shapes. You are bound to find a color and shape to achieve the look you want.

Brick pavers have been used in the United States for well over 100 years. Brick or paving stones have been used as pavements for city streets in Europe for hundreds of years. During this ‘trial period’ the brick pavers have proven themselves to be a viable method of paving, whether your goal is aesthetic beauty or structural integrity.

Interlocking brick pavers have even been used at airports. Approximately 9 million square feet of paver brick have been installed in airports around the world, where traffic weighing over 300,000 pounds is a daily occurrence. Clearly brick pavers are an option that can stand up to almost any traffic that can be imposed on them.

Brick pavers have been used around swimming pools and as pathways through delicate gardens. In engineering circles brick pavers are referred to as a flexible pavement because of the methods and materials used to install them. But because it can be used in so many structural as well as design-style applications, it truly is a flexible pavement.
Interlocking brick paver patios, walks and driveways can greatly enhance the value of any home or business. It takes skilled installation by trained professionals to properly install hardscaping like these. The team members of Thoms Bros. Landscaping, Inc., benefit from regularly attending classes and seminars to learn the best techniques for the proper installation of all brick pavers.  Many of our members are ICPI Certified Installers (http://www.icpi.org/).  With such a certification, we confidently offer a lifetime guarantee on most of our brick paver work we do.

Thoms Bros.’ high quality brick paving installation techniques include the following:

  • Edge-pro paver restraint used (in most applications) instead of trolled in-concrete.
  • Envirobond Jointing Sand used instead of normal jointing sand or play sand to prevent washout, weeds, and other joint issues.
  • CSI Geotextile Fabrics used in heavy load (automotive traffic) and raised patio applications especially in clay subsoil conditions.
  • High quality, precision cuts – the difference between a good job and a great job.
  • 2NS Sand used for screeding (1” depth) instead of slag sand.
  • 22AA Natural Crushed Stone used for base (6”+ depth used depending on application and subsoil).
  • Proper grades set to allow for drainage, but not excessive.

Along with the education and certification involvement with the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, Steven D. Thoms, Vice President of Thoms Bros, is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Great Lakes Chapter (www.miicpi.org).  He is working hard along with the other board members to bring the professionalism and correct installation of brick pavers to a higher level in the industry.

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