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COVID-19 Update Part II

Dear Valued Clients,

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated but before we ask of you, we want you to know how much we care about you, your family and the lives of our team here.

Each and every day we make great choices on how to stay safe not only just for our families but for those whom we may come into contact with as well. Many of us have close ties to friends and family that have truly suffered through this horrible Pandemic and we want nothing but the best care and treatment for those who are in need. We also appreciate the sacrifice and courage of all first responders and the many who serve within the medical community at a time when life is so fragile. It is in this time of reflection that nothing should be taken for granted.

Because you’ve supported us in so many ways over the years, we would also like to thank you for your valued commitment to us as we try to navigate our way through these challenging times. Without your trust and support we would not be able to support & care for our team and their families which are very important to us.

Many of you have reached out questioning why we aren’t classified as “Essential Business” and have been wondering if we will be able to begin working on your property soon. This week everyone is expecting the Governor’s office to extend the “Shelter In Place Order” through April 30th.  If we are not deemed as Essential specifically in this next order then we will be subjected to fines by the Attorney General’s office and they have threatened to pull licenses for professional services who break the law. We also now understand that Governor Whitmer has afforded the Attorney General with the power to decide who is classified as “Essential” and currently they are allowing people to shop in closed buildings where the spread of Covid-19 is actually greater knowing that it is spread with no symptoms and through merely just talking and to top it off it can remain airborne up to 3 hours. Its far safer for professional lawn and landscape companies like us to service clients like you, outside with no contact, than for anyone to enter a big box store!

Please help us get back to work by calling and/or emailing the Attorney General’s office at 517-335-7666. Their email is

We also recommend contacting the Governor’s office at 517-373-3400 or by email:

And finally, please call Oakland County Executive at 248-858-1048. Email

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. We know everyone will be exhausting their patience levels very soon thus its important you and your family can enjoy your property as much as possible!


Steven D. Thoms, CGIP, FAPLD, LIC-M

Vice President/Chief Designer

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