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Blacks and greys continue to be the hot colors in the hardscape industry….and generally in architecture and design as well.  Black colors are a great neutral color that can bring a huge pop to any color scheme.  All the manufacturers continue to bring out some great products for landscape designers to use in their designs.  Following are products by the most popular manufacturers:

Unilock (learn more at


  • Brussels Block (Dark Charcoal) – Brussels Block has been around since.  But just recently Unilock released this great accent paver which is available only in half stone, great for borders and accent strips.
  • Holland Premier (Dark Charcoal) – Unilock’s Premier lineup brings the Enduracolor process to the most popular brick paver shape (4”x8”)
  • Il Campo (Dark Charcoal) – This is another 4×8 shape with refined surface and long lasting color.
  • Mattoni (Dark Charcoal) – An elongated rectangle paver shape that has a antiqued finish that is distressed.
  • Beacon Hills Smooth (Dark Charcoal) – Unilock’s most popular product gets a small rectangle (7.5” x 15”) shape for borders and accent strips.
  • Series 70mm (Onyx Black) – Another 4×8 shape with a unique granite, quartz and marble surface.
  • Black River Natural Limestone – For the client looking for a natural product.
  • Courtstone (Basalt) – This unique paver was cast from historic European cobble stones.
  • Townhall/Copthorne (Basalt) – Another historic brick in a rectangle shape


  • U-Cara – Unilock’s exclusive multi-face wall system comes in Midnight Sky and smooth finish Dark Charcoal plus a 3” only panel in Series Finish Onyx Black
  • Lineo Dimensional Stone (Midnight Charcoal) – A simple design for a contemporary look
  • Brussels Dimensional Stone & Fullnose (Midnight Charcoal) – New for 2022
  • Pisa 2 (Charcoal) – A classic look wall
  • SienaStone Smooth (Midnight Charcoal) – 48” and 72” Steps
  • Universal Coping (Charcoal) – Smooth faced coping in Enduracolor finish

HF/Rosetta (learn more at

  • Gauge Select/Mid-Century/Montrose (Charcoal) – Large format looking flagstone material made out of Tektramat technology
  • Midnight Slate – Natural stone in straight edge coping, pillar caps, dimensional flagstone and natural shape steppers

Fendt (learn more at

  • Holland 4×8 (Jet Black) – An elite color offers premium cements
  • Keystone Stonegate & Visage (Slate) – heavy duty gravity walls
  • Old World Glenstone & O.W. Stonegate (O.W. Slate) – tumbled walls
  • Various caps (Slate)

Oaks (learn more at


  • Rialto/Monterey/Nueva (Onyx) – Slabs available in 8×16 rectangle only for soldier or banding
  • Nueva XL Slab (Onyx) – A sleek and modern looking one size slab
  • Molina (Twilight) – A smooth surface, clean edge paver perfect for patios and pool decks
  • Ridgefield Smooth (Onyx) – 8×12 rectangle only for soldier or banding
  • Market Paver (Onyx) – An 80mm 4×8 paver with Oaks ColorBold and EliteFinish technologies.
  • Presidio (Onyx) – A linear paving stone for that contemporary look
  • Eterna (Onyx) – A modern and advanced 100mm paving system.


  • Neuva (Onyx) – A sleek design 4’ wide step


  • Oasis & Bullnose (Onyx & Onyx Suave) – Suave finish only available in bullnose
  • Cassina (Onyx) – Old world bullnose
  • Nueva 150/75 (Onyx) – Clean line wall
  • Modan (Twilight) – Smooth surface wall
  • Ortana (Onyx) – A classic look wall

Oakville Stone (learn more at

  • Oakville Black Limestone – An Indian origin limestone available in paving (inc. edge pavers), rockface treads, steps, bullnose coping, fillers, pier caps, rebated treads, risers and wall caps

Natural Granite – granite realistically be used for any hardscape surface needs, but the most common is countertops.  There are tons of solid black to mixed black colors.  Counter tops can also utilize material such as soapstone and quartz.  Here is just a small list of some of the most common:

  • Galaxy
  • Pearl
  • Absolute
  • Cosmic
  • Impala
  • Forest
  • Cambrian
  • Marinace

Adding a black colored border, banding, or wall coping to any hardscape color scheme will achieve a more modern, exotic and/or bold effect.  And with many newly built homes having at least some black in the window frames, roof, trim, etc it will only help tie the whole landscape design together.

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