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Bed Preparation

Successful gardens start with thorough and thoughtful bed preparation. Some of the key points include: eliminating perennial weeds before turning the soil; insuring a well drained soil yet having it retain enough moisture for good plant growth; providing for sufficient organic matter in the soil; and adding fertilizer as needed.

Thoms Bros. wants its landscapes to look as good and even better then the day it was installed.  That is why we believe the importance of bed preparation.  We look at the current conditions and the specific plant material that is going to be installed.  We then determine if drainage, soil amendments, and fertilizers are needed.  There is a whole science of soils and Thoms Bros. is highly educated in the subject.


Once plants have been installed it is important to apply mulch in and around the plant material.  Although some people choose not to use mulch, mulch can help retain moisture in the soil, moderate temperatures, deter weed development, and add beauty. 

Mulch comes in many different flavors, from shredded hardwood to pine needles to hay to bark chips, and may include inorganic materials like chipped rubber or small decorative stone.  

Bed Edging

Whether it contains flowers and foliage or fruits and vegetables, a garden bed is enhanced by edging. Around a bed of ornamental plants, edging focuses the viewer’s attention like a frame around a picture.

Edgings can form pathways, hold garden mulch and make it easier to mow close to bed borders. Edging also helps keep invasive garden plants from spreading into the lawn and grass from spreading into the garden. 

Five types of edging are most common: wood; plastic strips, metal strips; brick, stone or precast pavers; and, simplest of all, shallow spade-cut trenches. Each has advantages, and you can use different kinds around your property.

  1. Not commonly used anymore, wood can consist of 4×4 or other size treated lumber to manufactured products like greenefence.
  2. Plastic edging comes in many different grades, from very light weight residential grade to very heavy weight commercial grade.
  3. Metal edging comes in either steel or aluminum edging. 
  4. Brick, stone, or precast pavers come in many sizes, shapes, and styles of fit any taste and/or job.
  5. Spade or machine cut edges are more natural looking but very maintenance intensive.

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