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Drainage System

Drainage System

Water is essential to plant life.  (Science discovered this in the 1600’s).  He hath planted the pine tree, which the rain hath nourished (Isa. 44:14).  When is too much of a good thing bad?  We have seen this in recent history in obvious ways: Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Although less damaging than house flooding, any flooding and swampiness in your yard is just as annoying and it is also detrimental to the health of your lawn, flowers and trees. In addition, submerged patios and walks along with possible fungal death in your trees and plants can render your yard a wasteland.

The remedy for this common landscape situation is to install a curtain drain system of perforated PVC plastic pipe or corrugated pipe embedded in drainage rock (pea stone). This system (also commonly referred to as French drains) is installed in trenches across the slope of your yard, in planting beds, and/or other troubled areas. The yard drainage system is then connected so that excess water is drained away from your yard instead of standing there for days on end. Thoms Bros. can design and install a drainage system, which will meet your specific needs and give you back the use for your yard area as soon as the rain had ended.  Our systems use various techniques and products to meet the specific needs of an application.  When completed by Thoms Bros., you can expect your plants to be healthier, your hardscaping to last longer, and your yard will be more usable.

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