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Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements

Rapidly rising energy and material costs have accelerated energy and natural resource conversation in design and construction.  Sustainable development has evolved as a response to encourage conservation.  It is also a framework for creating environments that enhance human experience and natural processes.

Sustainable landscaping is not only the use of certain plant material to reduce water usage, recycled products to reduce use of our strained resources, and integrated pest management to reduce pesticide usage; but, it also includes the management of storm water runoff.

Permeable pavers, the newest answer to protecting our water resources, are designed to filter water from paved parking and driving areas.  These segmental pavers have a void in them that let the water seep into the engineered surface below consisting of aggregates, geotextile fabric, the subsoil, and sometimes a drainage system.

Along with the effectiveness of controlling storm water management, permeable paved areas have proven to hold up under vehicular weight, snow plowing, salting, and other conditions occurring commonly in parking lot areas.  Projects have been completed in residential, commercial, and municipal markets.  The life cycle cost of this product is going to be less than more traditional pavements because of their high density, low absorption rate, and the flexibility built into the design of the system.  Permeable pavers are also eligible for up to three credits in the LEED certification program.

With proper design and construction, it is possible to effectively and efficiently use permeable concrete pavers to minimize the stress that is being applied on the environment.

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