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Water Features

Water is life itself – the magical element that connects all creation.  All God’s creatures are irresistibly drawn to the watering hole.  For drinking, cooking, creating, traveling, relaxing—water is the magnet and mirror of life, the ultimate animator of gardens.

Gardening with water celebrates the universal joy that water brings, especially in the garden setting.  Water can play a role in any garden, no matter the budget or the garden’s size.  Even if the part it plays is a small one, water will magnify the pleasures of your private paradise, or even your public place.

Water plays a crucial role in our designs.  Here are the waterscapes that Thoms Bros. can add to your landscape:

  • Streams
  • Jets, spouts, and fountains
  • Pots, sinks, and containers
  • Sculptural and ornamental features
  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Pools and Spas

Thoms Bros uses many types of techniques and products to give you the gift of water in your yard or place of business. These could include gunite, pre-cast features, mechanical products, etc.  The most effective and natural way to introduce a water feature into your landscape is the Aquascape Ecosystem.  This system is environmentally friendly, and relative inexpensive to add.  Fish, aquatic plants, and surrounding landscaping can be included into this feature to give you an extremely tranquil environment and the ultimate water gardening experience.

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