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Retaining Wall

Segmental Concrete (SRW)

SRWs are gravity retaining walls that rely primarily on their mass (weight) for stability. The system consists of concrete masonry units which are placed without the use of mortar (dry stacked), and which rely on a combination of mechanical interlock and mass to prevent overturning and sliding. The units may also be used in combination with horizontal layers of soil reinforcement geotextile fabrics which extend into the backfill to increase the effective width and weight of the gravity mass.

Treated Timber

Even though the treated railroad tie retainining wall’s lifespan is much shorter than the alternatives, it is a good alternative for the budget concious client.  You can count on Thoms Bros. to use the best techniques and the highest quality of installation to get the most years out of your timber wall.

Natural Stone

Boulder, ledgestone, and hand-stacked materials are popular alternatives to the traditional modular cement block for retaining wall construction. Dry-stacked, natural stonewalls add a very natural look to any landscape as the material is taken right from the ground. Natural stonewalls allow water to flow freely behind and through the wall thus relieving a significant amount of pressure on the wall. 

Properly installed retaining walls can greatly enhance the value of any home or business by adding dimension and functionality.  It takes skilled installation by trained professionals to properly install retaining walls like these.  The success of any retaining wall installation depends on complete and accurate field information, careful planning and scheduling, the use of specified materials, proper construction procedures, and inspection.  The team members of Thoms Bros. Landscaping, Inc., benefit from regularly attending classes and seminars to learn the best techniques for the proper installation of all retaining walls.  That’s why we confidently offer a lifetime guarantee on most SRW installation work we do, and a three-year guarantee on timber and natural stonewalls.

Although we have years and thousands of feet of experience in building walls, we are not engineers.  All warranties are for proper installation ONLY!  We do not guarantee design and engineering.  Although, we do work closely with engineers and we can provide their services for an extra costs to the customers for total peace of mind.

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