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Color Display

Color is the gardener’s most potent weapon.  Nothing in a garden makes more impact than color.  It can stop you in your tracks or beckon you onward.  It can suggest coolness or warmth; even evoke different moods.  Color can also manipulate the sense of space.  Understanding the power of color will help you to orchestrate color’s impact upon the emotions, so that some parts of your garden will become areas of resting while others will be exhilarating or – if you wish – even shocking.

Annual Color Displays

Every plant has a specialty, a strength that gives it an edge over the plants it competes with in the wild.  As gardeners, we are interested in annuals because they bloom more quickly, more freely, and for a longer period than any other class of plant.  Annuals can be used for flashing up an entrance to a business or house, filling in bed areas in gardens, and container gardening.  Thoms Bros. can enhance your landscaping by installing annuals to your landscaping in the spring (May-June) and/or in the fall (September-October) to give you that splash of color that you are looking for.  Thoms Bros. gets its supply of annuals from some of the best greenhouses in the area, so you can expect the best.

Perennial Themed Gardens

Perennial borders, beds, and containers provide beauty, fragrance, and flowers for cutting from spring until late autumn.  Good planning helps minimize the maintenance needs of every garden planting.  Perennials are colorful and diverse, offering a wide range of height, spread, flower and foliage forms.  Flowers are produced in nearly all colors of the rainbow.  Many new varieties are developed every year, and Thoms Bros. counts on its training and suppliers to stay on top of the game with these developments.  Some of Thoms Bros.’ top suppliers for perennials include: Hortech, Inc.Ray Wiegand’s Nursery, and Midwest Groundcovers.

Flowering Bulb Display

When we stroll around our gardens in the springtime, we feel lucky to be able to enjoy beautiful bulbs that grow so well with so little work and expense.  During the famous tulip craze in Holland in the early seventeenth century bulbs sold for thousands of dollars each.  Nowadays, bulbs are very cost effective and wide in range in colors, types, and timing.  Bulbs make great companions with annual colors displays and late arising perennials, plus they give you the first sign of spring.

A Well Balanced Garden

A landscaping that includes perennials, annuals, bulbs, and trees and shrubs, will give you the best of all worlds.  Timed correctly, color will be seen throughout the entire growing season.  In choosing Thoms Bros. to create that colorful garden, we will design your landscaping with interest that will always keep you in your garden guessing, “What’s next”

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