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Thoms Bros Landscaping Creator and Keeper of Fine Landscapes


For any project, consideration is given to the needs of each client’s personalized living spaces, integrating outdoor and indoor areas. Color, views, vistas, placement of plants and objects, sensory stimulation, and space planning are all crucial elements for well-designed, usable, and enjoyable space.

Beauty, simple or complex, coupled with distinctive detail, make our designs award winning. Not only do you benefit from a landscape, which enhances your style of living, but also the beauty you had a part in creating visually enriches the surrounding community.  Innovative design, timeless architecture, and breath taking landscapes is our design philosophy.

To create an award-winning design that properly meets the needs of your family or business, several principles need to be considered and thoughtfully planned out.  The physical properties of plants (color, texture, and form) are one of these principles that are used to compose a unified design.  Another principle is creating harmony between architecture of the building and the landscape.  A properly designed landscape will enhance certain features of a building, or mask awkward architectural features.  Considering the design principles of unity, order, and rhythm is also extremely important.  When these principles are not used, a design can be unpleasant to the eye (uncoordinated, chaotic, and visually disturbing).  And, finally, design themes (curvilinear, rectangular, etc.) need to fit both the desires of the client, the architecture of the building, and the landscape of the surrounding areas.

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