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Heaved up from miles inside its crust by earthquakes and erupting volcanoes, and then worn down below its surface by wind, water, and the slow, mysterious creep of glaciers, stone molds the earth’s outermost layer during cycles that span eons.  In the mountain chains that rim oceans and split continents, in the river channels, and in the hillside and meadow grooves, stone cradle the soils, water, and plants that form the natural landscape around us.

Stone can be used to play a comparable role in gardens. As a building material for walls, paths, and terraces, stone defines the boundaries and significant inner spaces of a garden. Used in ponds, stream beds, and rockeries, stone serves as a frame, softened and worn by time, for the garden’s “living” elements, such as water, plants, sunlight, and shadows.

Stonescaping is more than placing a rock in a garden or staking stones on top of each other to create a wall.  Stonescaping is a harmonious blend of artistry and science that creates both pure natural beauty and sound structure.  Thoms Bros.’ members have years of experience in picking the proper type stone and artistically fitting them together for appearance and strength. 

Thoms Bros. stonescaping services include:

  • Rock gardens, outcroppings, and accent placements
  • Dry laid and mortared natural or select cut flagstone/bluestone pavements
  • Boulder, ledge-rock, and handstack stone retaining and freestanding walls
  • Stone veneering
  • Ledgerock and guillotined steps
  • Belgian block pavements and edging
  • Stone water features

Check out some examples on our portfolio page.

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